[Article] How to create a winning CV ?

München, 01.May.2012

Last semester, I had a class on “techniques on scientific writing”. One of the material is about : writing a good resume and curriculum vitae (CV) both for academic/scientific purpose and commercial purpose (e.g. applying jobs in industry)

Some of students and job applicants may not understand the differences between Curriculum Vitae and Resume. They are generally interchangeable, but they do differ. The CV lists in-depth and structured information on professional experiences and qualification of a person. The Resume resembles a skeletal representation of the typical contents of a CV -highlighting skills & achievements, may contain gaps, no cover letter.

In this article I will emphasis on how to make a winning CV ? In order to make it easier, I will list some rules of making the CV :

  • Custom-tailor! Match your skills, qualifications, and experiences closely to the job requirements!
  • highlight your best achievements with action verbs
  • keep the language crisp and the information in bulleted points
  • having sufficient white space makes reading easier
  • No clutter – structure well! A cluttered page or one filled from edge to edge gives an unpleasant feeling
  • CV which is an accompanying cover letter is expected
  • length : normally 2-3 pages, in academia up to 5 pages
  • Personal information (biodata) : No religion! (unless it is relevant to the application) ; Nationalities (only if you are a foreigner)
  • do not use jargon or colloquial language
  • do not use narrative style ; use bullet point to convey more with less verbosity
  • do not mention the last salary draw
  • references’ name or coordinates : specify your reference’s name, affiliation and email/phone – make sure information is up-to-date –
  • the first page contains the most vital and important information in an attractive format
  • do not forget to put 4-5 lines summary on the top of the CV; many CVs have been rejected because the recruiter did not have the time to go through the CV
  • achievements in reverse chronological order

The structure of Academic CV : 

  • name, contact information
  • personal information
  • employment history, education
  • professional skills (computers, language)
  • research and teaching experience
  • grants and fellowships
  • professional associations and licences
  • community services (journal editor, reviewer)
  • awards and other information relevant to the position
  • list of publications
  • list of abstracts to show your continuous exposure
  • 2 (two) references

The structure of Professional CV (for applying jobs in the industry) :

  • name, contact information
  • job objectives
  • summary
  • employment history, education
  • professional skills (computers, language)
  • grants, scholarships, and fellowships
  • professional associations and licences
  • social engagement
  • 2 (two) references

If you are applying as fresh-graduate in industry, ensure that you project :

  • a positive attitude towards the application for the job
  • a hard-working nature, ready and willing to upgrade and work hard for it
  • a desire to be part of a leader in the industry (if not, choose one of the best attributes of the company and mention that)
  • a desire to start your career with one of the best in the market
  • willingness to learn and work hard towards the company’s goals
  • high expectation and sincere wish to meet the interviewer for a further assessment of your fit to the job
  • your skill set presented from school and college are the promise of a good match for the job requirements
  • have two good references who could back you up word for word in case it is necessary

Last but not least, create a winning CV is an art, and you must try your own! You can start learning how to construct a winning CV like I have published in the Internet through LinkedIn website. Check it here

Here is my own CV draft. Click here.

Have fun of making your own winning CV!

Best regards,

Antonius Santoso


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  1. Lah, sudah cabut dari Elnusa Ton?

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