What the most thing my soul wants ?

München, 01.02.2012

22:19 p.m

As I learnt during my life journey in Germany this 1.5 years (almost), I realized that human being is not only having a physical body, but also a soul/spirit (“jiwa”-in Indonesia). That’s why I know now, that if I am not in peace, having problem with my own life, it means there is something wrong with my soul. And the question which I ask regulary to my self / mind is :

“Who I am ?” ; “How is my being ?” ; “What the most thing I want for my soul?”

This is important, because it gives you direction, somehow it guides you toward your soul’s goul, and how your being is reflected for what you are doing.

They (the questions which I mentioned above) are reflective questions, so I do not answer by words, but my soul somehow know the answers.

One of the answer is Peace. Yes…peace. The most thing that my soul want is peace. That’s all. Then, the next question arises, “How do I attain peace ?”

And I can answer : through SILENT.

And how do I attain Silent ?

And the answer is : by MEDITATION.

But what is meditation ? How do I do it ?

And the answer is : through SILENT.

So, I find the most important thing for my soul is being in peace, rest...and I can attain that through SILENT, through MEDITATION.

May the peace always be with you…


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