SMOKING ?!! Why Not…

München, 24.01.2012
2:23 p.m

This morning I could not sleep, so I decided to spend the time to check my facebook account. At first I just want to spend maximum 5 minutes of browsing time, then go back to sleep. But I found this video on youtube, click here

This is a portrait of my country Indonesia. It becomes one of the greatest market of cigarettes industry. The message is simple : Once you have money, you can get anything in this world. And Indonesia is one of the poorest country in Asia, so it makes sense that it becomes a “target-market” of cigarettes industry.

The ironical thing is : Indonesia situation nowadays is just similar to USA portrait in the era of 1960s, where smoking was a life-style, a trend, and this country was a typical of “Marlboro country”.  Give one big example, Phillip Moris, one of the big tobacco company which failed its business in USA, now is striking the under-develop and poor country, just like Indonesia. I was shocked when i know the price of 1 box of Marlboro cigarettes in US = 12 US$, in Germany = 6 € (compare  in Indonesia which is only 1 US$ !).

I try to ask / reflect to my self :

1. Why this kind of business is growing so fast in Indonesia, and other poor country? What do people inside this business think about other people life/health?

2. Why the tobacco industry lies the fact that cigarettes can seriously harm human’s health?

3. Why in Indonesia, the regulation from government side is so weak? (Even to declare that nicotine is an addictive things need years, and not yet declared)

4. Why the cigarettes are really easily buy even by children?

5. What will happen to Indonesia for the next 40 years since most of its young generation are smokers? Will there be lost of generation in Indonesia?

Then, I ask my self : “Who I am?” ; “What I want to do to live my life?” ; “What I can do in facing this smoking (mental degradation) habits in environment?”

My principle will be the same : “If I change, then the world will change!”

If I can spread this message, and contribute in it, then (at least) my family will change, my environment will change, my community will change, my nation will change, the world will change.


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