What is Universal Thinking? What is the Law of Universe?

München, 26. December. 2011

15:33 p.m

Today I had a wonderful discussion with my colleagues, Hiralal and Sujit. We are discussing about religion, and universal thinking. We are sharing about what religion is, why do human being need/not need religion, how religion effect humanism. In the same time, we also share about what is humanism, what is universal thinking, how human being drive themselves into coherency of universal law. What are universal law? How can we live synchronize with universal law? Through out long discussing, we figure it that religion is product of human thinking, it can be right, but sometimes wrong. As a human being, we need to criticize the religion, including any dogma, and product of human thinking. While the concept of universal thinking is a product of the universe, so it is synchronize to the rhythm of the universe.

I found a good article in a Mustafa Yucel’s blog. Here.

“Life is only mysterious to people who do not have the time to comprehend it. Because as your awareness and knowledge improves, you realize that you become amazed with the events that occur but you do not wonder how or why they occur anymore. This shows that the power of the universe is inherent in you. And once you grasp and live by the Universal Laws, everything will come to its proper order. Your decisions and way of thinking will determine your destiny. And in actual fact, your mental state has the greatest influence on your life.

So, when you are harmonious, open to new ideas, and optimistic, good things will automatically come to you. You will also be able to attract positive people. But if you keep on having a negative mental state, you will only attract negative things and negative people. This is according to the Law of Thinking.

Also, you must know that thought is an invisible force. Thought is the beginning of everything. It leads you into believing and doing. This is what the Law of Thinking tells you. Thought is also a powerful entity that makes up the whole universe. It always produces effects. And it is vital in the Universal Laws.

In addition, all the thoughts you have in your mind inevitably comes into reality. So, if you want to control your life, you have to learn mind-control and only think of positive things. You must remember that there is really no poverty. Instead, there is lack of prosperity. That is why if you want to attract prosperity, you must only focus on acquiring it. You must only think of success. And then, poverty will generally disappear. Apply the Law of Thinking, and whatever you believe will come true. Whatever you expect will also happen.

Then, you must also keep in mind that your thoughts are governed by the Universal Laws. And it is astute to apply the Law of thinking into your life. However, your thoughts must also be accompanied with actions. If you want to reach a destination, you have to take a step and then another. You have to keep on going until you make it to your destination. True, you may take a wrong direction. But you have to get back at the right track. And as you go along, you will realize that there are people who are willing to help and guide you.

There are also unseen forces that help you in times of dire circumstances. The Universal Laws are always in effect and the universe is very much willing to help you succeed. But you have to make the first move.

Each day, you must create plans and move towards your goals. You always have to think positively. Get rid of negative thoughts. Organize your thoughts, so that you will be in accordance with the Law of Thinking; because if your thoughts are disorganized and muddled, they will reflect your life. Thus, you will end up experiencing confusions and pain. And in order for you to be able to live gracefully, you should maintain an orderly mind. You should think clearly about the Universal Laws. Creating order will require discipline and practice. But nevertheless, the rewards are worth it”

In conclusion : You are the Master of your mind, so don’t let other people/any other situation make your life unhappy. Be the Master of your own mind!

Best regards,

Antonius Santoso


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