“Why do you put Jesus Christ picture as wallpaper ?”

Friday, 23 December 2011

Munich, 00:30 a.m

Dear blogger, today after class,my friend saw Jesus Christ picture on my Ubuntu notebook wallpaper. She asked, “Why do you put Jesus Christ picture as wallpaper?” I simply replied, “because i admired him, as a human being, as personal, as friend. I think he is a great man. Why do you ask that?” She replied, “Well…never mind. I rarely see Jesus Christ picture as a wallpaper in notebook/desktop. It’s weird” I responded, “Well, for me it’s not weird. I put my  family picture, my wife and me, and i consider Jesus is one of my family also, he is my best friend”. After asking that my friend left me for the next class.

Personally speaking, the fact i know Jesus Christ from the Bible is undoubted. But he is no longer stranger who lived 2000 years ago, and did miracle things, and died in the cross. In my programming (=mind=), Jesus is nothing else than every human beings whom i meet every day, every living things which i see everyday. And i believe that every person which i meet is the BEST person for me, including every condition which i face, is the BEST.

So, in conclusion, even the girl whom asked me, “Why do you put Jesus Christ as wallpaper?” , I considered her, as Jesus Christ.


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