After the Dark, there will be a light …(Rorate Mess)

Friday, 23 December 2010

Munich, 09:00 a.m

Today i wake up early at 5 a.m, and go to St.Ursula church with Sr.Columba, and Anselm. We walk about 15 minutes there. Then, we meet Sr. Francesca, Sr. Maria, and Christina. Why do wake up so early and why do we go to mess in St.Ursula every Friday morning in the Advent time? What is Rorate Mess actually? Rorate caeli (English translation : “Drop down ye heavens from above.”) is taken from the book of Isaiah, and often used by Catholic church known as “The Advent Prose”

So, I can share you the idea behind this mess. The idea is we enter the mess in the dark, but each of us can bring one candle. In opening song, the Priest sing this Rorate Caeli prose, which written in the Latin as Roráte caéli désuper,
et núbes plúant jústum.
Here is the song in Youtube. It is a Gregorian song. So, while the Priest sing this Rorate Caeli song, we keep in silence, and also keep in the dark (only 1 candle which we bring is helping us to read the singing book). All the Eucharist liturgy is done in the darkness, that why it is call “Weinachts in Dunkelzeit” (English translation : Christmas time in the dark).  Although it is dark, but somehow i feel so peace, so calm, and enjoy every moments in the Rorate Caeli mess. I feel i can enter into my soul, and find that the only thing to gain peace is by silence, and the way to enter silence is by meditation.

In the end of the Rorate mess, after the Priest give us the bless, the lamp which covered Christmas three is suddenly full of bright light. It is so wonderful, and awesome! It is true than, after the dark, there will be a light…

Merry Christmas my sisters and brothers!


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