Spring Vacation 2011

Spring is coming!!! As i learned from Earth-sciences course that Germany, especially München is located in 48 degree North and 11 degree East. It means München has 4 seasons, and every 3 months, it always has certain season. The spring time is coming on 21st of March. In Earth-sciences course means that the Sun’s position toward the Earth is in the Equator (Vernal-equinox). It means the length of day and night are equal. And the maximum insolation (portion of Solar-radiation which reaches the Earth’s surface) is maximum in the Equator.

Why Spring is special for people in 4-seasons country ? It is good question! Well, based on personal experience, after 6-months of winter term (which means your day was shorter than night, lots of snow, etc) then you will have lots of sun-shine, fresh-air, longer day-light period, chance to go hiking or camping in open air, many restaurants or bier-garden will open in outdoor, etc.

I will share my Spring’s vacation here :

1. This Spring time, i have chance to visit my friend in Innsbruck, Austria. His name is Subali. He is a Catholic priest from Semarang Arc-diocesan (Keuskupan Agung Semarang). He was studying theology in Universität-Innsbruck. I was visiting him on a week before Easter (15-17 April 2011). Because München is not very far from Innsbruck, so i decided to take a car-sharing (mitfahrgelegenheit on German). It means that i will go from München to Innsbruck with other car’s owner who had same direction and let me to share her/his vehicle. As contribution, i had to pay certain money to the car’s owner. In this case, i paid 10 euros to travel from München to Innsbruck. Why i chose this method of travelling ? Simple answer : because of the cheap price! As comparation, you had to pay at least 39 euros by Deutsche-bahn (one way trip). It means almost 80 euros for the train round-way. But, using car-sharing, i only paid 10 euros one-way or 20 euros round-trip 🙂 Cheap, isn’t it? Here’s car-sharing website in Germany.

Innsbruck is a nice town, it is called Innsbruck because there is an Inn-river which crosses through this town. (Inn=Inn river, Brücke=Bridge). It is a small town, so you can travel whole town only in a day. The good news is Insbruck lying in the foot of Alpen Mountains, so you feel that you are surrounding by mountains. And it means good view for photography 🙂

Here are some pictures collection from Innsbruck :

Fig.1 Brutus @ Goldenes Dachl (Innsbruck’s landmark)

Fig 2. Brutus in front of Innsbruck’s easter egg

Fig 3. Brutus in front of Innsbruck’s landmark

Fig 4. Brutus in front of Uni Innsbruck

Fig 5. Brutus with Alpen Mountain in background

Fig 6. Maria-Theresienstraße. Insbruck landmark (town-centre)

Fig 7. Happy couple in a wedding-carriage

And hear are spring moments in Innsbruck with colorful-garden :

Fig 8. Beautiful colorful tree in the garden

Fig 9. A wonderful red-tulip flower

Fig 10. White tulip, i like it!

Fig 11. Father Subali captured tulip-flowers

Fig 12. Father Subali (in background) and wonderful orange-tulip

Fig 13. Brutus in a tulip-garden

Fig 14. Brutus in a wonderful-garden

2. Journey to Hottingerbild

On Saturday afternoon, Subali, Stanley, and me were hiking to Hottingerbild which was located in the Alpen’s valley. Hottingerbild is a famous spot because many people are hiking to this site, and near the examinations period, many students go there just to pray 🙂

From Innsbruck’s town center, we can reach Hottingerbild for 1.5 hour hiking. Here are some pictures from Hottingerbild :

Fig 15. Father Subali and father Stanley in front of Hottingerbild

Fig 16. Father Stanley and me in front of Hottingerbild

Fig 17. Nice scenery to go hiking

Fig 18. Brutus in front of Hottingerbild

3. Collegium Canisianum

Collegium Canisianum was a place where i spent 3 days of my self-retreat in Innsbruck. With the kindness of Father Subali, i was allowed to stay in this house. I even had experiences to feel the environment living in an abbey. I attended daily-mess on early Saturday, and had breakfast together. On Friday night, I helped Father Subali to prepare dinner for 8 of Catholic Fathers as part of group activity. Here are some of pictures of Collegium Canisianum and activity inside it :

Fig 19. Collegium Canisianum (front-view)

Fig 20. A church near Collegium Canisianum

Fig 21. Dinner together in Collegium Canisianum

Fig 22. Innsbrucker Dom St.Jakob

Fig 23. Tulip garden in front of Innsbrucker Dom St.Jakob


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  1. i luv your photos my honey
    beatiful picture

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