Winter Vacation 2010

Winter has long time passed, but the memory still fresh in my mind. Many moments appeared for me last winter, e.g. first time touch the snow, white Christmas, visit Schloss Nympenburg and Schloss Neuschwanstein. 

1. First time touch the snow

It was Monday, 8th of November 2010 when the snow felt down to Earth, and i touched it. It became such a first-time moment of touching the snow for young man which born and lived in tropical country like Indonesia. I never see and touch the snow directly. So, i had to get used to it 🙂

Here are some pictures of me, with first snow experiences

Fig.1 Brutus in front of the snowy Glypthothek

Fig 2. Brutus in front of the snowy Glypthothek

Fig 3. The First Recorded snow touch of Brutus 

Fig 4. München 2018 Candidate City

2. White Christmas

Nothing was changed in celebrating Christmas last year, except : place and situation. Last year i had the first White Christmas in München. I was attending Chsristmas-eve mess in St.Bonifaz Church. It was English mess. After that we had Christmas-eve party. Then, at 25th of December, i went to Marientplatz (City Centre) and visited few Churches there (St.Mikael Church, one of Jesuit Church)

Here is some pictures of my White Christmas moment :

Fig 5. One of Christmas Diorama in St.Mikael’s church

Fig 6. One of Christmas Diorama in St.Mikael Church

Fig 7. A cute little girl skating on the ice

Fig 8. My Christmas prayer in front of Pater-Rupert-Mayer (Jesuit priest)

3. Visit Schloss Nymphenburg

Schloss Nymphenburg (means “Castle Nymphenburg”) is a famous Castle which located in the western part of Munich. It is easily reached by public transport (e.g. tram-bahn). According to website , Bayern esp. München is famous of its Schloss or Castles. One of the most popular is Schloss Nymphenburg, one of the biggest King Castle’s in Europe. The Schloss Nymphenburg has a baroque-style, a landscape garden, and museum inside it.

Here is an internet link of Schloss Nymphenburg.

Here are some pictures of Schloss Nymphenburg :

Fig 9. Brutus in front of snowy Schloss Nymphenburg

Fig 10. Brutus-touched snow-in front of snowy Schloss Nymphenburg

Fig 11. Brutus-surrounding by ducks-in front of snowy Schloss Nymphenburg

Fig 12. Brutus in front of snowy Schloss Nymphenburg

Fig 13. One of beauty wall painting in museum inside Schloss nymphenburg

4. Schloss Neuschwanstein

“The Castle of the fairy-tail king” said ; Yes, indeed i have to admit that, it was one of the most attractive castle which i ever seen!

According to history, it was  built by Ludwig II, King of Bavaria since 1864. The solitary monarch’s desire was turn his friend Richard Wagner’s operas into reality. The architectural plan were drawn up by Eduard Riedel, and building began in 1869. In 1874, George Dollman took over the construction. The interior decoration were almost finished at the time of Ludwig’s II death in 1886. The castle itself was not completed by Julius Hoffmann until 1892 (

How do i can get there? In my experience, it was easy to find Schloss Neuschwanstein. You can take train from München Hauptbahnhof using Bayern ticket (cost 29 euro for 1 day for 5 persons). Then, you need to pay the ticket 12 euro / person (common fee) or 8 euro / student (show your student ID-card). Here is the link to Schloss Neuschwanstein

Here are some pictures of my journey to this Castle :

Fig 14. Schloss Neuschwanstein’s view at winter

Fig 15. Brutus @ in front of main entrance of Schloss Neuschwanstein

Fig 16. Brutus @ inside Schloss Neuschwanstein’s yard

Fig 17. Brutus @ inside Schloss Neuschwanstein

Fig 18. Schloss Hohenhangau was seen from Schloss Neuschweinstein

Fig 19. Fabulous lake scenery from above

Fig 20. Brutus in front of Schloss Neuschwanstein maket / miniatur

Fig 21. Schloss Neuschwanstein maket / miniatur


2 responses to “Winter Vacation 2010

  1. WoooW Neuschwanstein is the most beautiful castle in the world
    Fantastic !!!

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