Bekerja dengan Cinta

This is the motto of Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik (KMKath) FMIPA UGM. It writes in a simple words, but indeed has strong meaning. A family which grew in a minority catholic student in FMIPA UGM, but they are strong-bounded, hold and support each other. During 2001-2006 I was really active in this organization, and I thanked to God, that I can serve this family. Those journey had colored my life, built my life into the one I am now. I will be and always be a member of this family. I will pray for this family, for those whose had passion Bekerja dengan Cinta” (free translation : “work with love”)

I just copied a Bekerja dengan Cinta.mp3 file from Pius Dian Widi Anggoro aka (Aang), feel free to download this



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