Last Sunday when i attended English mess, i saw that there was not any ‘altar-boy’ for helping the Father James. So, after the mess, i decided to offer my self as an Altar-boy for next English mess.
Lord Jesus had gave me so much in my life, so a little serve & sacrifice every Sunday morning from me to the community.
Pray for my first duty as an Altar-boy (it should be Altar-man because i am 27 years old, and married, haaaa…)
to life is to serve and spread faith, love, and hope
have a blessed day 🙂


2 responses to “Altar-boy

  1. Tus…oleh2 yak hehehehe…sang istri diajak gak?

    • halo fer, yoi suk nek pas muleh jogja ya. sementara diajeng kerja di jogja, ntar klo dah sls studi, moga bisa diajak. piye anakmu wes iso opo? mesti lg lucu2nya. salam buat ochie & si kecil. Gbu.

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